Behind The Scenes

‘Brain on Fire’: Behind The Scenes

Brain on Fire statement

The film ‘Brain on Fire’, based on Susannah Cahalan’s memoirs, shows how the neurological disease, anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis, rapidly grew and took over Susannah’s life. I took inspiration from the film and explored showing this rapid growth and conveying an element of fire, as the illness is described as the brain being on fire. I took a quote from Susannah Cahalan describing her experience of the illness which gives people a sense of her wellbeing at the time.

‘Alice in Wonderland’: Behind The Scenes

Alice in Wonderland statement

I wanted to explore the darker side to Alice in Wonderland and found that in the 1960’s the aspect of Psychedelia was linked to the children’s story. The song ‘White Rabbit’, written 1967, inspired me greatly. British photographer Tim Walker was also a huge inspiration for my work with the use of the white table and background. Walker’s quote ‘portraiture is about exploring someone’s identity’ inspired me to use symbolic props to represent aspects of Wonderland that link to Alice.